Image credit: St George Motor Boat Photographic Club

Image credit: St George Motor Boat Photographic Club

Winterfest Costume and Cosplay

Winterfest hosts an annual Costume and Cosplay competition. As we have had to postpone Winterfest 2021, we will be holding two competitions in 2021, the Winterfest “Winter Edition” Online Costume & Cosplay Competition, and the Winterfest “Spring Edition” Costume & Cosplay Competition in October. We hope that we will see more people joining us in costume or character to enjoy the medieval revelry. There are prizes, so come in your best costume and enjoy the weekend.

Winterfest “Winter Edition” Online Costume & Cosplay Competition


We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered the Winterfest “Winter Edition” online costume and cosplay competition! 

We’ll share the winners on our website and social media once the competition is over and our judges have made their decisions!

Judging will be by the same panel of experienced judges as was planned for the in-person competition: Amber Phillips, LJ Schulz, and Steve Sang.

We will showcase everyone’s creations in galleries on the Winterfest website and on social media.

Winterfest in October will feature the Winterfest “Spring Edition” costume and cosplay competition, where you can enter and parade on the day as usual. We look forward to seeing your designs – perhaps some new looks made possible by the warmer weather?

To enter our Winterfest “Spring Edition” competition, all you have to do is to turn up to Winterfest in October 2021. Entry to the competition is free. Competition entrants will be invited to parade for our visitors and guests. Entrants will assemble just before 3pm, after the Birds of Prey show and before the joust. There will be announcements about the competition during the day. Our judges will base their decisions on creativity, effort, and originality, and encourage anyone to have a go.


Winterfest 2021 “Winter Edition” online costume & cosplay competition terms & conditions:

  • Competition is open for all Australian residents.
  • All eligible photos will be displayed on our website and social media.
  • Prize packs will be sent via post to our winners.
  • Entries are open until 10:00pm 19/07/2021.

Meet the judges

Albion Cosplay

Amber Phillips

Albion Cosplay
Veteran artist from Wolf Lord Works Props

LJ Schulz

Veteran artist from Wolf Lord Works Props
N7 Armoury

Steve Sang

N7 Armoury

Ideas for costumes & cosplay

The Witcher; Game of Thrones; Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit; Dragon Age; Forgotten Realms; DanMachi; Sword Art Online; Tudors; Dragonlance; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Skyrim; Vikings; King Arthur… the list goes on!

Be inspired by our guests’ costumes and cosplays!

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