Winterfest Sydney 2017

Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair returns in 2017 to a brand new location in the historic Hawkesbury region.

More space gives us the opportunity to bring you even more medieval displays, activities and merchants. More for you to see and do!

Free parking on site and a railway station only two minutes’ walk away from the venue gates means that Winterfest is easier to get to than ever before.

Stay tuned for updates for what’s shaping up to be a fantastic event in 2017!

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What’s on

From jousting, archery and combat to crafts, cooking and games, Winterfest offers entertainment to watch and activities to try. You can also browse the offerings of our carefully selected merchants. There’s something for all ages. Use the tabs below to find out more.

Entertainment and activities

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday

Opening and welcome

Be on the lookout for the mounted Skill-at-Arms on the Joust Field, where our riders and horses demonstrate their skills with lance and sword.

11.30am, 1.15pm, 4.15pm
The ring of steel, the clash of swords: join the crowds at the ‘Field of Arms’ and watch the groups display their best in the ‘Combat and Arms’ displays! And after the joust, look for our ‘Grand Melee’!

Soaring above, or weaving through the crowd on wing, the Full Flight Birds of Prey will astound with a variety of the raptors that you can meet and greet!

3pm (approx)
Cosplay and Costume parade: open for all to enter, prizes awarded. Just listen for the announcement, and turn up at the bottom end of the Tourney list. Sponsored by Phantom Zone, Parramatta, and Of Science & Swords.

Here it is! The throw-down challenge of the 10th Anniversary Winterfest Joust! See the face-off between champions in the sport of kings!

Throughout the day

In addition to the scheduled events, you will find roving entertainers, craft and other demonstrations, and activity areas for adults and children.

Have a wander through the Merchants’ Row and browse the Arts & Crafts available, try some of the range of food on offer, or relax with a hot beverage or cold drink. Wandering entertainers roam the area and you may see Medieval Minstrels or Magical Mayhem as you stroll. Keep a look out for the Winterfest Unicorns!

Take a stroll through the Medieval Village, where you can talk to the people and try helmets, armour, shields and weapons. You will find that re-enactors are friendly and welcoming people who love to share their enthusiasm for and knowledge about the people and period they are re-enacting.

Hands-on activities

One of the things that people love about Winterfest is how interactive it is.

For children and for adults, Winterfest offers many opportunities for interaction, whether in conversation with performers, craftspeople and reenactors, or in having a go yourself.

Many people enjoy trying out armour, helmets, and weapons brought by the reenacting groups.

Organised activities include archery, Celtic drumming workshops, and learning to use a rapier. Children (and adults) love to try on helmets and armour and to hold shields, axes and swords. Children have the opportunity to practice their skill with a (safe) sword, to get creative in colouring medieval themed drawings, to sand and decorate swords and shields and other medieval crafts.

Costumes are a feature, and Winterfest is a perfect place to wear something a bit different from the usual. Most people wear some kind of medieval or medieval-inspired outfits, but we welcome all periods, cultures, and styles, including fantasy and interpretative clothing choices. Winterfest also features costume competitions. Cosplay is one category, with other costumes in a different category.

Spontaneous activities can often be seen, when children play with their newly bought toy swords, or follow a performer (who is perhaps on stilts).

Getting there

With the move to Hawkesbury Showground, getting to and parking at Winterfest is easier than ever before.

Clarendon railway station is only two minutes’ walk from the gates.

There is extensive free on-site parking.

You may wish to extend your visit to the historic Hawkesbury region after visiting Winterfest. Below are some links to help you find things to do, places to go, food to eat or somewhere to stay.
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