Returning in the winter school holidays, 2017

Holding an eagle

Birds of prey

Full Flight Birds of Prey bring the excitement of free-flying raptors to Winterfest. You can get close to and have your photo taken with an eagle.

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Browsing the wares

Merchants’ Row

Lose yourself in what’s on offer in the Merchants’ Row. From handcrafted goods, to period clothing and weapons, to objects of fantasy and delight, there is sure to be something to interest you.

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Family in costume

Costume and dressing up

Come to see what people wear or dress up yourself and your family. Choose your period, culture and style. Dress historically, or choose a character from a movie, or just let your imagination fly!

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Winterfest Joust

The Knights with their horses face up to each other at the Winterfest Joust. Jousting is a test of skill and courage. Who will win the Joust this year?

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At Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair, enter a world of chivalry and honour. You can watch the combats, and cheer for your favourite knights in the Winterfest Tournament Joust. Have a go at ‘Knights’ school’ or ‘medieval archery’. Come along and learn from the best about history, head-to-head!

Enjoy traditional activities such as medieval dancing and music, the Full Flight Birds of Prey medieval falconry display and jesters. Enter or watch the Winterfest cosplay and best-dressed competitions. Browse the arts and crafts, and there is plenty of food and drink.

Winterfest is held at The Old Kings’ School Parade Ground, Parramatta. Click here for more venue information and map.

Gates open both days at 10am.