Australian Medieval Combat (AMC)

Australian Medieval Combat (AMC) is a sporting organisation that aims to promote a lifelong enjoyment of Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), while emphasizing a positive viewer experience. Core values are discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity.

Winterfest is proud to host the AMC NSW cup, an international competition where the winners will be selected to compete in the individual classes at the international Battle of the Nations. There will be over 50 fighters from Australia, New Zealand, and China competing across the weekend, and classes run throughout the day.

There is a variety of classes from one-on-one to group battles. Look out for Female 1v1, Sword and Shield, Sword and Buckler, Polearm, Buhurt team fighting, and Profights. You can find out when the individual classes are on at our Timetable page.

Below, meet some of the people who you will see competing during the weekend.

Adam Miller

Adam Miller (aka AJ) – 43
Co-captain, Team Havoc (NSW)
Fighter, Team Havoc (NSW)
“I have been competing at an International level as part of Australian teams since 2014, and competed in every Battle of the Nations since. My first International Medieval Combat Foundation (IMCF) World Championships was in Poland (2015). I have also been fortunate enough to have fought in Austria, Denmark, France and New Zealand, as well as the Battle of the Nations venues.”

Riyana Kasmawan

Riyana Kasmawan – 28
Fighter, Team Kraken (VIC)
Aussie HMB Sheila
“I started training 2 years ago with the boys in Team Kraken. During this time I slowly developed my harness. My armour is of a late 14th century style. I enjoy HMB, it simply makes me happy. And I enjoy training with the boys and girls in Team Kraken.”

Stephen “Fuzz” Ramsay

Stephen “Fuzz” Ramsay – 38
Fighter, Team Havoc (NSW)
Multiple time Australian representative fighter
“I have been training for HMB since late 2013 and have been fighting in the Australian medieval reenactment movement with the group Uppsala for around 20 years. I became interested in HMB, from watching video clips on the internet, it looked to be the next level of sword fighting for me.”

Caitlin Elise John

Caitlin Elise John – 26
Fighter, Team Kraken (VIC)
AMC Sub-Committee Member
Aussie HMB Sheila
“I have a love for history and costuming, which I have developed from LARP. But my addiction for sports, like Rugby, and the rush you get from working in a team is what I live for. HMB and Buhurt is the perfect combination for these things.”

Billium Dawes

Billium Dawes – 34
Fighter, The Vultures (Qld)
“I have been fighting and training with the Vultures in Queensland for about 2 and a half years now. I began HMB with my brother, Jaccob Dawes, to work on building our brotherly love and work on any issues we may have with each other. To be honest, Buhurt has brought us closer together!”

Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor – 26
Captain, Team Kraken (VIC)
Captain, Australian IMCF 2018 Team
“I began training and fighting with Team Kraken approximately 3 years ago. My role in the list can be best described as the anchor, as I am at my best when weathering any storm our opponents bring. As for favourite weapons or armour style, I use whatever gets the job done.”

Bryce Lightbody

Bryce Lightbody – 28
Captain, Australian Battle of the Nations team
President, Australian Medieval Combat (AMC)
Captain, Team Havoc (NSW)
“I began HMB through my love of history and violence. After watching videos on Youtube I went in search of likeminded individuals and we created the Australian Armoured Combat League, which later transformed into Australian Medieval Combat (AMC).”

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